Church congregation of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church Trhové Sviny

Czechoslovakia was proclaimed on October 28, 1918. The majority of the population supported the establishment of a new republic and also supported the establishment of a new Christian Reform Church. This happened on January 8, 1920, with the proclamation of the Czechoslovak Church.

The Czechoslovak Church is a church congregation of free-thinking and democratically acting Christians, where important positions are held by women, acceptance takes place in similar terms, the decision on the celibacy of pastors is up to their free will,…. CČS describes the effort to return to the early church or the true core of Christianity and to subscribe to the intellectual legacy of Master Jan Hus as the source of its doctrine.

The Czechoslovak Church was renamed the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in 1971.

The Religious Community of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Trhové Sviny was established in November 1920 and was approved by the state authorities on July 29, 1926.

The congregation (church) of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Trhové Sviny was built in 1936 in memory of Jan Žižka of Trocnov. The choir tower has the shape of a mace, a period weapon of Jan Žižka. The beautiful building with a portico with seven semicircular arcades is entered by five stone steps. The valuable neoclassical building is a protected cultural monument and is located right in the centre of Trhové Sviny, opposite the bus station.

Currently the pastor Bc. Samuel Vašín leads our religious community. You can learn more about our religious community here on our website or on Facebook Facebooku…ice

The main mission of our religious community is to strengthen the Christian status of society. We try to fulfil all directions responsibly (spiritual, social, educational and economic) of our activities.

We try to help all who seek because they are aware of their problems, pains and sufferings and want to change this state. Jesus Christ invites all the sick, the suffering, the lonely, and the burden of the present to a new life. Jesus Christ gives us hope where we no longer see it ourselves. We know that Jesus Christ encourages us to take action and invites us on a journey illuminated by the light of truth, faith, hope and love.

Our activities in the social field are well-known throughout the Czech Republic – Domeček, Center
for Leisure and Integration, Diaconia and Missions of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church, look at Domeč

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Monument to Jan Žižka from Trocnov

It is a memorial with a museum focusing on the influence and importance of the undefeated medieval warrior Jan Žižka (1360 – 1424). There is also an adjacent nature trail which offers a walk around the beautiful nature there.

The museum can be reached by car.